Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Alcatel-Lucent Launches Program to Remove Challenges of Site Acquisition and Backhaul for Metro Cell Deployments

Yesterday, Alcatel-Lucent launched a new initiative, the Metro Cell Express Site Certification Program, to remove the challenges associated with site acquisition and backhaul for metro cell deployments. Small cells have become a topic of conversation in the telecommunications industry, especially now that the mobile carriers are deploying small cells to expand their 4G LTE coverage in densely populated areas. Alcatel-Lucent believes that small and metro cells are essential to mobile operators who are working to address the demand on network capacity. Michael J. Schabel, Vice President of Small Cells at Alcatel-Lucent said, “Wireless operators have embraced small cells as an essential part of their ultra-broadband wireless network, but they must adapt to the new challenges associated with building, operating, and maintaining these new small cell networks. In order to accelerate and simplify the deployment of small cell networks, we have solicited the help from companies who have assets to contribute to the solution. While no company alone can address the 4P’s necessary for small cell deployment –people, power, poles and ports — the group working together creates tens of thousands of qualified and available small cell sites, and we will further add to that by continuing to add members to this program.”


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