Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Tower Industry is Looking Good

Well if there was one takeaway from the South Wireless Summit, it was that this is the business to be in. The Summit’s had an awesome turnout, with great exhibitors, and awesome panels. The panel that really highlighted what’s going on in the tower space was moderated by Ron Bizick of Tarpon Towers with panelists Danny Agresta from APC Towers, Neil Seidman of SBA Communications, Keith Walters of Media Capital Advisors, and Jason Nicolay of Media Venture Partners. One of the points that was noted was that this is the first year in a long while that all four carriers will be spending money building out their infrastructure. It was unanimous that there is a lot of people moving into the tower sector, but is there enough opportunity for everyone?  “There’s a ton of opportunity for more people in the tower industry,” Walters noted. “People are building towers one at a time and selling a couple off at a time to fund their next project.” Seidman agreed that there’s a ton of money for new towers, but questioned the cost of those funds. “For years, we’ve been nervous about what’s around the corner but there is opportunity out there. The cost of towers is coming down so people have that chance to build towers,” he said. Continue reading here

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