Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TOWs Could Save Lives

As part of an ongoing effort to strengthen domestic and international defense missions, Atlantic Tower Services and MissionTEQ are working with General Dynamics Mission Systems’ LTE products to create a mobilized computer-controlled K-9 vest that will dramatically improve first responder and national security efforts in several key areas.
“The goal of the project is to allow government agencies to gather the specifications of the technology, witness operation and training conducted, and evaluate the overall usefulness and relevance of the technology as it pertains to current and future operations,” Brittany Lawler, marketing coordinator at ATS, explained.
The new K-9 vest will support defense operations conducted by the Department of Defense, the National Security Agency, other federal agencies, first responders, and humanitarian K-9 concept of operations, such as countering improvised explosive devices (IED), culvert/tunnel clearance, search and rescue, and counter narcotics. Continue reading here

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