Friday, October 30, 2015

Ganzi To HetNetExpo2015: ‘DAS Market To Increase Five Times By 2020’

Digital Bridge Holdings Co-Founder/CEO Marc Ganzi says the future of DAS is now. The swashbuckling tower titan told a HetNetExpo2015 audience in Los Angeles this week that DAS and small cells will be the focus of carrier investment next year and beyond and “the total market will increase five times by 2020.” RCRWireless quoted him as saying “As we turn the page into 2016, we believe all four carriers will be investing next year.”

He’s figuring that Verizon Wireless will deploy as many as 60,000 new nodes in the upcoming months while he pegs the number at 40,000 for AT&T. Ganzi also predicts T-Mobile also will jump on the bandwagon and Sprint likely will follow. Either way, figures Ganzi, carriers will have to densify their networks to keep up with fast-growing consumer demand.

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