Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Florida Town Considers Tower Up to 135’ If Necessary

Indian River Shores on Florida’s East Coast has invested $15,000 in an independent consultant to tell city council members how tall a tower should be to meet the town’s communications needs. Some 3,500 people live in the area and the town was originally prepared to approve a 50-foot tower but council members are now open to permitting construction of a tower up to 135-feet if it is determined there is serious deficiency in cell coverage, reports the TC Palm. Their other concern is building a tower capable of addressing the town’s public safety needs.

“The issue is to get the best possible service,” said Mayor Brian Barefoot. “And we need to build the tower in a location that is the least offensive to the largest number of people.” The council’s action last week Barefoot said, did not approve a specific tower, location or which carriers would provide service, the newspaper reported. Continue Reading

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