Monday, March 21, 2016

DTC Fires Back At T-Mobile on TV Repack Assessment

pointIt took a month but Digital Tech Consulting is disputing T-Mobile’s February 17, claim to the FCC that DTC’s study of the agency’s upcoming spectrum incentive auction and the challenges for the TV and tower industries “reflects a number of flawed assumptions and conclusions,” as the carrier claimed. In a March 17, letter to the FCC, DTC President Myra Moore said, “First: T-Mobile erroneously assumes that antennas identified as ’broadband’ are capable of transmitting on all contiguous channels within all or a portion of the UHF band without modification. This is inaccurate, and reflects T-Mobile’s failure to research the capabilities of these antennas. In fact, most of these antennas will need significant alterations, which cannot be performed while the antennas remain on towers, to operate on new channels. As a result, T-Mobile meaning fully underestimates the scope of antenna removal and installation work the transition will require.” Continue Reading

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