Friday, April 29, 2016

Pilot Program In Douglas County, GA to Tax Audit Towers, Equipment

It’s a countywide trial program that could expand to 58 towers in Douglas County, a west-central region of the state about 26 miles west of Atlanta. County Board of Commissioners voted for a first phase of audits of a randomly selected group of 10 towers. Appraisal firm Consulting/Real Estate Development will be paid $22,500 to verify what equipment is in use which affects the amount of taxes owed by the tower owner, the West Georgia Neighbor reported.

“We want to make sure all equipment is accounted for, itemized, categorized and valued. If one account is properly reporting, then they are paying fully what they need to,” Chief Appraiser Benny Waldrop said. “If a neighboring cell tower is not properly reporting, then it is considered out of uniformity.” Continue Reading

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