Thursday, June 16, 2016

New CTIA Videos Promote 5G, Explain Degrees of Spectrum

CTIA—The Wireless Association has posted two new videos on its website in the last week that promote a speedy allocation of high band spectrum by the FCC, and another that explains the differences of low, mid and high band spectrums.
The most recent, “#HighBandSectrum: Requires Bold Action on 5Gposted on June 13, is 54 seconds long and features CTIA President/CEO Meredith Attwell Baker; T-Mobile Vice Presiden, Radio Network Engineering and Development Mark McDiarmid, Verizon Vice President of Technology Planning Adam Koeppe; and Intel VP/Platform Engineering Group & GM, Next Generation and Standards, Asha Keddy, and it tells viewers “America has the chance to be bold in the race to 5G as long as the FCC acts in July 2016 to allocate #HighBandSpectrum. Agency action on #HighBandSpectrum is essential for America’s mobile industry to remain the world’s leader as we move to 5G.”

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