Monday, January 16, 2017

Wheeler Signs Off: Worries About Undoing of Open Internet…and More

Outgoing FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says it wouldn’t be easy to undo much of the regulations the FCC passed under his tenure. Speaking from The Aspen Institute think tank on Friday, the former telecom lobbyist listed opening up spectrum for 5G deployment, “nearing completion of the world’s first incentive auction” and improvements in 911 and cybersecurity as accomplishments. (see story below for Wheeler’s comments on zero-rating policies)
He made an impassioned argument against relaxing or undoing the Open Internet and Net Neutrality regs. “We are at a fork in the road, one forward and one backward.” Going forward in Wheeler’s mind is the era of ISPs under “light touch regulation, accompanied by a referee on the field to throw the flag when necessary.” Looking backwards, he says, takes away what consumers can enjoy now and “throws into question” ISP activities.  Continue Reading

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