Thursday, December 14, 2017

FirstNet Launches “Ruthless Preemption” for First Responders

AT&T says the nationwide public safety broadband network FirstNet now features “ruthless preemption” services for first responder subscribers. It’s for states and territories that have opted into their AT&T state plan for the communications network for first responders. 

Priority moves first responders to the front of the “communications line,” expediting their network needs. When the line becomes crowded, it shifts non-emergency traffic to another line, freeing up space for first responders to easily get through. Calls or texts to 911 will never be shifted from the network.

“As a first responder on 9/11, I experienced the communications challenges that can happen in large emergencies as networks become congested and overwhelmed,” said Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Chief Richard Bowers. Virginia was the first state in to opt-in. “Now, with the launch of preemption on FirstNet, for the first time, public safety is ensured a ‘fast lane’ to connect.” Continue Reading

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