Thursday, April 12, 2018

Small Cells Included in New, Expanded AT&T, Crown Lease Deal

AT&T and Crown Castle signed an agreement to simplify and expand their long-term wireless network infrastructure lease arrangement. The new pact will help the carrier speed up both its 5G deployment as well as FirstNet, an AT&T spokesman tells Inside Towers.

This new deal is a departure from the historical macro tower model, the carrier announced. In addition to macro sites, the deal covers the small cell deployments needed to keep up with ever-increasing mobile data usage.

Leasing management and operations are streamlined to improve the efficiency and flexibility under which AT&T can deploy new technologies and increase network capacity. AT&T EVP Global Connections and Supply Chain Susan Johnson says the market-based framework “simplifies the lease management and administration process,” which, in turn, allows the carrier to streamline network projects to provide customers with better speed, reliability and overall performance. Continue Reading

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