Tuesday, May 8, 2018

NPR Calls Sharing C-Band a ‘Non-Starter’

NPR last week told the FCC, the Public Radio Satellite System depends on satellite distribution using C-Band spectrum, to deliver programming and public safety information to its interconnected stations, producers and distributors. “Without satellite delivery for the interconnection system, the U.S.’s nationwide public radio and public safety information distribution systems would cease to exist,” the broadcaster tells the Commission in a filing.

The broadcaster is reacting to the FCC exploring the feasibility of opening up the C-band (3.7 to 4.2 GHz band) frequencies for 5G use, based on interest by both wireless and satellite companies. The agency seeks comment to GN Docket 18-122 by May 31, and replies by June 15, Inside Towers reported. Commissioner Michael O’Rielly recently suggested the agency consider freeing up 200-300 MHz of C-band spectrum and urged his colleagues to get a proposed rulemaking out this summer to explore issues like licensing. Continue Reading

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