Monday, April 8, 2019

Cancer Story Out of California Hits National TV and International Papers

UPDATE The Weston Elementary cancer story continues to find its way into new and bigger media outlets including the London Daily Mail.  The parents have rallied around and referenced an engineer, Eric Windheim, whom they hired whose credentials were examined and critiqued in Inside Towers’ Thursday story “Are School Parents Getting the Wrong Info From EMF’ers?” Last Thursday, CBS This Morning aired “Cell tower behind cancer scare at 1 school?” The parents, understandably teary eyed over their respective sons’ unexplained illnesses, were juxtaposed with pictures of the site which Sprint has since agreed to remove. CBS talked to Sprint’s Network Project Manager Dharma Nordell who said three tests have shown the tower is operating 100 times below the federal limit.
“Does Sprint believe that tower could be causing cancer?” the CBS correspondent asked her.
“Absolutely not,” Nordell said. “It is not a safety concern to the community but we do hear the community’s concerns, so we’re quickly working to relocate the tower.” Continue Reading

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