Wednesday, May 22, 2019

T-Mobile’s Ray is “Confident” of Merger’s Outcome

The Chief Technical Officer of T-Mobile, Neville Ray yesterday told a Connect (X) crowd of around 1,500 he is “optimistic and confident” about the outlook of the pending merger with Sprint. With the recent sanctification of the deal by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, Ray addressed the misperceptions of what a combined T-Mo/Sprint conglomerate would look like. Ray said the idea the deal would cost jobs is wrong and, on the contrary, would add 11,000 new employees by 2024. 

Another mistaken forecast is the impact on prices due to less competition. Not so, said Ray. “Prices won’t increase over the next four years,” he said. Competition among remaining carriers would actually increase, he said creating a “stronger more vibrant market.”

Ray thanked the FCC’s Pai, Carr and O’Rielly, the Republican-leaning members of the Commission for their support.  Continue Reading

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