Wednesday, April 28, 2021

DISH Asks CAPUC to Re-Open Investigation on T-Mobile-Sprint Merger

 UPDATE DISH Network hasn’t given up on trying to get regulators to intervene and make T-Mobile keep its CDMA network operating longer. Inside Towers reported DISH already went to the FCC about the issue.

Now, DISH is asking the California Public Utilities Commission (CAPUC) to get involved. DISH maintains that T-Mobile has gone back on its pledge to federal and state regulators to operate its CDMA network for three years after acquiring Sprint.  

In its petition to California regulators, obtained by Axios, DISH wrote: "T-Mobile’s January 1, 2022 date is inconsistent with prior statements the company made to the Commission – in sworn testimony and written briefs – that the network will be operational for at least three years to facilitate a seamless transition for customers utilizing the legacy Sprint CDMA network." Continue Reading

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