Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Phoenix Tower International Acquires 600 Sites from T-Mobile

Phoenix Tower International (PTI) announced today that it has entered into a contract with T-Mobile to acquire the ownership or management rights to approximately 600 wireless communication tower sites including the exclusive right to manage and operate the sites from T-Mobile via PTI’s local U.S. subsidiaries.
“We are incredibly excited to transact with T-Mobile and believe these locations are well situated for additional lease-up opportunities as the wireless operators continue to expand and improve their networks,” said Dagan Kasavana, Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Tower International. “The PTI management team has significant experience operating and leasing tower sites in the United States and is thrilled to have a significant portfolio of high quality sites in the United States to offer to our customers.  Furthermore, this transaction represents another milestone in Phoenix Tower’s expansion and allows us to service our customer’s strategic needs across the Americas.” Continue reading here

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