Monday, October 3, 2016

FCC Proposes Phased TV Repack Per Wireless’ Wishes

Tower owners and operators, wireless companies, broadcasters and their equipment providers told the Commission a phased-in approach to the television spectrum repack, post-auction, makes sense. Now, the FCC agrees.

Several FCC bureaus are developing a phased-in approach. The agency has proposed construction deadlines to coincide with its proposed 39-month “phased” transition schedule. The FCC seeks comments on the proposal in a Public Notice. Comments are due to MB Docket 16-306 or GN Docket 12-268 on October 31.

The Commission is balancing “the need for a post-incentive auction transition timetable that is flexible for broadcasters and that minimizes disruption to viewers” with the need for a schedule that “provides certainty to wireless providers and is completed as expeditiously as possible,” it said in a notice released Friday. Continue Reading

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