Friday, July 27, 2018

Payment Terms to Vendors Can Change Overnight

UPDATE Inside Towers is hearing from readers about our top story on Wednesday titled:The Check Is Not in the Mail as Payment Delays Could Threaten 5G Deployment.”  

Sitetracker executives agree the problem of site developers who stretch out payments, often with no notice, is getting worse. Sitetracker’s project and asset software platform enables users to manage many jobs at once, from site acquisition, to obtaining ground leases, to construction, and network modification. Their customers range from large carriers to towercos and small contractors, so they’re seeing the payment issue from all sides.

Sitetracker CEO Giuseppe Incitti said they’re seeing a lot of 90-day payment terms turn into 120-days. He agrees with NATE members who have voiced concerns to their association that there’s little or no negotiation on payment terms that can often be changed while the work is in-progress. Continue Reading

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