Thursday, July 26, 2018

Trade Groups, Industry Execs Plead For More Spectrum to Spur 5G

While 5G networks hold the promise of speeds that will be 100 times faster than today and enable 100 times the number of devices, carriers and stakeholders providing wireless and wireline infrastructure, as well as the satellite industry, say they need access to more spectrum.

Noting that 5G will enable technologies like telehealth, autonomous cars and precision agriculture, President/CEO of CTIA, The Wireless Association, Meredith Baker, told the Senate Energy & Commerce Committee yesterday it’s imperative the U.S. get going on an action plan to free-up more spectrum. She cited an Accenture report that said if the U.S. can speed up 5G deployment by one year, that would add about $1 billion to the economy. But more importantly, she said, other countries like China and South Korea are ahead of the U.S. in clearing spectrum for 5G. 

Qualcomm SVP Spectrum Strategy & Technology, Dean Brenner, said it’s important that its chips and related components support as much technology possible. While still enhancing 4G capabilities, his company is also looking ahead to 6G. But everything “depends on one key component controlled by the government — spectrum.” Continue Reading

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