Tuesday, March 3, 2020

FCC Proposes Updating TV White Spaces Rules

While the fireworks of Friday’s C-band vote at the FCC generated many of the headlines, Commissioners also voted on other spectrum issues. One of those concerned the use of TV White Spaces for rural broadband.

All of the Commissioners voted to propose changes to the agency’s rules to allow higher transmit power and antenna height above average terrain for fixed White Spaces devices in rural areas. In response to a petition filed by Microsoft, the Commission believes the updates would allow White Spaces devices to reach users at greater distances, resulting in better broadband coverage – without negatively impacting TV transmission.

That’s key because White Spaces are the unlicensed frequencies between television channels. Microsoft put forth the petition to further its Rural Airband Initiative, which uses a combination of TV White Spaces, fixed wireless and satellite. Continue Reading

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