Friday, March 27, 2020

Money For Telehealth, Not School Kids

The economic stimulus package passed by the Senate earlier this week is expected to pass the House today. While it provides a $200 million boost for FCC telehealth programs and funding for USDA broadband efforts, it left out money to keep students and others connected during the pandemic, reports Politico.

"I cannot understand how the U.S. Senate can approve a $2 trillion emergency package and not find even $1 billion to ensure that every school child in America can connect to the internet on a functioning device at a time when virtually all students in the country are required to learn from home for their own safety," said Common Sense founder Jim Steyer. He supported at least $2 billion going to support the FCC's E-Rate program. "This decision will leave kids behind and unfairly impact those most in need." Continue Reading

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