Friday, August 28, 2020

NOT an Exit Interview: Inside Towers Talks to Jennifer Fritzsche

Having recently left her position as Senior Market Analyst for Wells Fargo Securities, Jennifer Fritzsche has quietly rested, regrouped, re-evaluated and, in another capacity, returned to the wireless infrastructure space. As a well known analyst and pundit on towers, Fritzsche took the time for an exclusive talk with Inside Towers. 

Inside Towers (IT): So, Jennifer, can we call this an exit interview?
Jennifer Fritzsche (JF): I will say this as firmly as I can, this is NOT an exit interview! I am just shifting the lens through which I am looking at the communications infrastructure space.

IT: So you’re still in the game? Great to hear. What was behind your decision to leave Wells Fargo?
JF: It was such a tough decision to leave Wells – and ironically I resigned 25 years to the day I was hired at Wells….or predecessor firm they acquired along the way. During my time as a sell-side analyst, I used to listen to all my internal analyst colleagues speak about their respective areas of, healthcare, retail, etc…. and think I won the lottery ticket of stock coverage. This space continues to be everchanging – which makes it all the more exciting. Continue Reading

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