Monday, August 24, 2020

Shared Backhaul Access Points Could Accelerate 5G

The hype about 5G is usually aimed at consumers whose fast and fancy smartphones are expected to blossom with 5th generation possibilities. While 5G is on a rapid roll-out, the promise of fabulous universal connectivity is an incomplete and ongoing process. Tapping into 5G's backhaul potential could bring immediate benefits to areas where it is now available, says

Farpoint Group principal Craig Mathias explains that an arrangement that allows both infrastructure and end users to connect through the same 5G access points could benefit from a 5G backhaul set-up. He says that looking at 5G as its own entity rather than as a wireless component will open up different avenues for its use. "5G is not about augmenting wire," he said. "It's about replacing it." Continue Reading

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