Monday, February 22, 2021

Tower Workers Rescued From Oquirrh Mountains

 Three contract tower workers were snowmobiling their way to a remote mountain site in Utah when the deep snow got the better of them. As Gephardt Daily reports, the men found themselves "stuck and cold," eventually calling for assistance from the Unified Police Department (UPD). The workers were headed for the BYU radio tower near Nelson Mountain, according to Sergeant Melody Cutler of the UPD, when their snowmobiles got embedded in a large snowdrift late in the afternoon. Cutler told Inside Towers one of the three was hospitalized with hypothermia and is listed in critical condition. 

The call was answered by the Salt Lake City Search and Rescue Team who summoned the Department of Public Safety. Responders on the ground ordered a Life Flight helicopter to take the critically stricken worker to Jordan Valley Hospital nearby.

“The information we got is that three gentlemen went snowmobiling," said Lieutenant Paul Barker. "There is a dirt road here that goes up into the Oquirrh Mountains and they were headed up to work on one of the towers,” he noted. “They tried to self-rescue and dig themselves out and then eventually called 911 needing assistance.”

Cutler said she had no information on the name of the company that employed the contractors and could not divulge names of the workers.

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