Thursday, October 7, 2021

Tower Company Heads Give Mayo and DISH Buildout High Marks

 By J. Sharpe Smith Inside Towers Technology Editor The heads of major tower companies said the nationwide buildout of DISH Wireless is providing a “flood of work” and gave Dave Mayo, Executive VP, Network Development, a vote of confidence during The View From the Top session yesterday at the Connectivity Expo in Orlando. “They have come out of the gates very quickly. They organized a team. I understand it's well over 1,000 folks strong now,” said Jeff Stoops, President and CEO, SBA Communications.  “They're busy, They are prepared. They are organized. They are real, and the network build is happening. Dave has put together a very good machine there and it's working.”

DISH has a build program that is set to run for four years. By June 2022, DISH Wireless must cover 20 percent of the nation’s POPs, and 70 percent of the population by June 2023, which is considered nationwide coverage. It has another deadline pushes cover out to 75 percent of the population in each economic area by June 2025 for even more coverage.

Steve Vondran, Executive VP and President, U.S. Tower Division, American Tower, said it is “very exciting” because of the level of capital that DISH Wireless is investing in its network. “We are going as fast as we can for Dave,” Vondran said. “I think we will be busy for years to come.” Continue Reading

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