Tuesday, September 20, 2022

T-Mobile to Expand 5G Coverage in Auction 108 Aftermath

T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) was the runaway winner in the FCC’s recent 2.5 GHz spectrum auction, as Inside Towers reported. The company bid $304 million for more than 7,000 county-based licenses covering 81 million people primarily in rural areas. This new 2.5 GHz spectrum will enable T-Mobile to expand 5G Ultra Capacity coverage to new communities and significantly increase bandwidth in many places 5G Ultra Capacity already covers. Following issuance of those licenses, T-Mobile says it will immediately begin deploying the new spectrum, boosting 5G Ultra Capacity performance for customers across the country, especially in underserved markets.

With the 2.5 GHz spectrum investment, T-Mobile continues to execute on its long-term strategy to build the highest-capacity, broadest network in the U.S. Execution on that strategy commenced in 2017, when the company unveiled plans for nationwide 5G using 600 MHz, referred to as 5G Extended Range. Continue Reading

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