Tuesday, January 10, 2023

FAA Directs Airlines to Implement 5G Safeguards by 2024

UPDATE FAA regulations continue to stack up over 5G C-band-tolerant devices on passenger and cargo aircraft that the agency says can help thwart interference. Reuters reported the agency has proposed requiring approved radio altimeters or filters to be installed on planes by early 2024.

This directive comes after a previous one took effect in December 2021, “prohibiting passenger and cargo flight operations in the vicinity of 5G C-band wireless transmitters unless the FAA specifically approved them.” The administration is also proposing that airlines revise airplane flight manuals to prohibit low-visibility landings after June 30 unless the retrofits have been completed on that airplane, according to Reuters. 

To give airlines time to upgrade equipment, both Verizon and AT&T have voluntarily agreed to delay some C-band 5G use until July 2023, Inside Towers reported. According to FAA officials, some international airlines have expressed reluctance to install filters unless required. 

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