Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Forget the Date, Long-Awaited Sprint/T-Mo Merger Expected Today

At deadline yesterday, Inside Towers was seeing multiple reports on the multi-year saga also known as the Sprint/T-Mobile merger coming to a conclusion sometime today.  According to unnamed informants at Bloomberg, a group of 16 banks were formally notified Monday that they will need to make the funds available today, to complete the deal. The banks are to provide $23 billion of loans to T-Mobile US Inc. The COVID-19 outbreak, according to Bloomberg, disrupted plans to sell the debt to third-party investors.

New Street Research reported yesterday the companies are withdrawing their wireline transfer of control application which is seen as a precursor to finalizing things today, rather than waiting for a California PUC vote on April 16. The merger, should it happen, comes less than two months after a U.S. District Court approved the deal and, in the process, silenced 14 state attorneys general who opposed the transaction.

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