Thursday, April 9, 2020

The Connect (X) Show Will Go On in Virtual Format

One of the industry’s major conferences, WIA’s Connect (X), has been least the live event in Miami has. In keeping with the theme of bringing the world together via wireless connectivity, the show will go on however, and be rebranded as “Connect (X): All Access. The date has been set for May 19, according to the WIA press release.

WIA President and CEO Jonathan Adelstein spoke with Inside Towers yesterday about the new format. “We want to serve the role of bringing the industry together,” Adelstein said. “This is a crucial time, and we still want to bring top industry leaders together to discuss the challenges we face, workforce development, trends in capex and more.” 

WIA Board member and Treasurer, and CEO of Vertical Bridge, Alex Gellman, said “We’ll miss the socializing but the content will be as good or better. The lineup is very good and so are the training materials. All of my company has been through it.” Gellman said the new format is well worth investigating. “It will be impressive,” he said. Continue Reading

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