Thursday, April 23, 2020

President Focuses on Broadband for Next Coronavirus Negotiations

President Donald Trump wants to include broadband as a priority in the next phase of coronavirus relief. The Senate Tuesday passed a $484 billion plan to replenish a small-business payroll fund and pump more money into hospitals and testing programs. The House has asked lawmakers, who have been at home with Congress all but shuttered, to return today for a roll-call vote, reported the AP.

On Tuesday, the President tweeted: “After I sign this bill, we will begin discussions on the next legislative initiative with fiscal relief…including much needed infrastructure investments for broadband,” among other things.

The Administration's big priorities include "broadband for the Middle West," Trump later told reporters during his evening news briefing. He added that "the farmers have been treated terribly when it comes to the internet," according to Politico.

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