Friday, January 8, 2021

Democratic Senators Ready to Chair Key Telecom Committees

 Legislators in Washington, D.C. have begun processing a shift in the balance of power as Democrats prepare to take unified control of Congress. Key Democrats who are Minority Leaders on their respective committees now are preparing to take the gavels on the groups overseeing tech and telecom issues, especially 5G. They are:

  • Maria Cantwell (WA), Senate Energy & Commerce: The Washington state lawmaker will have the power to lead negotiations on data privacy legislation, pushing for priorities like giving consumers a right to sue tech companies, according to Politico. She will also be crucial for any Senate overhaul of Section 230 tech liability protections.

    Concerning telecom specifically, she has criticized some FCC decisions on spectrum, challenging efforts by both Republican and Democratic Commissioners to favor commercial wireless priorities over military and transportation needs. She can also shape efforts to expand broadband and foster local and diverse media. Continue Reading

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