Monday, June 7, 2021

Chip Shortage Will Take Time to Recover

 Across the globe, across industries, companies cannot obtain enough computer chips to meet their orders.  

The global computer chip shortage is the result of a perfect storm caused by pandemic-fueled supply chain problems and the soaring use of silicon for everything from laptops, cell phones and wireless networks to automobiles, washing machines, refrigerators and even toothbrushes. And when the chips are down…there are only a few companies the world looks to for help.

Intel is one of them, and it had perhaps the bleakest assessment of the situation. While semiconductor companies can take short-term action to ease the global semiconductor shortage, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger told the Computex trade show in Taipei that it will take several years for the situation to be resolved, according to Reuters. He told the Washington Post of Intel’s plans on boosting automotive chip production within six to nine months, but, he said, it will take much longer to increase capacity. 

“We do believe we have the ability to help,” Gelsinger told the Post. “But, I think this is a couple of years until you are totally able to address it.” Continue Reading

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