Tuesday, June 15, 2021

From Inside Towers Intelligence: “Rip & Replace” Is Easier Said Than Done


By Leslie Stimson, Inside Towers Washington Bureau Chief
Telecom equipment manufacturers and wireless service providers (WSPs) want the FCC’s “Rip & Replace” program to begin. At the same time, they are requesting that the reimbursement process be settled as soon as possible. The program is meant to compensate smaller carriers for removing so-called untrusted gear from their networks.

Public comments were due in late April on the initial “Supply Chain Reimbursement Program Report,” a catalog of eligible expenses and estimated costs with a list of categories of suggested replacement equipment and services. The report was produced for the FCC by Widelity, the same company that developed a replacement cost catalog for the television repack expense reimbursement program.

The nearly $2 billion Rip & Replace program is intended for WSPs with 10 million or fewer subscribers. Widelity focused on the removal, replacement, and disposal of communications equipment and services produced or provided by Chinese manufacturers, Huawei and ZTE...

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