Friday, June 18, 2021

FCC Votes to Tighten Net Against Suspect Telecom Gear

 By Leslie Stimson, Inside Towers Washington Bureau Chief The FCC on Thursday voted to widen the ban against telecom equipment deemed to pose a threat to American national security. Under proposed rules that won initial approval, the Commission could revoke prior equipment authorizations issued to such companies.

To date, the FCC has prohibited the use of support from the Universal Service Fund to buy equipment that could pose a national security threat to the United States. Under the law, this includes communications gear and services from Chinese manufacturers Huawei and ZTE. 

Yet despite identifying security concerns with this telecom equipment, the agency continues to approve such gear through its equipment certification process. During the 4-0 vote, FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr said the Commission has okayed more than 3,000 applications from Huawei alone since 2018. “Once an entity lands on our [banned] list, there does not appear to be any reason why the FCC should continue to review that gear and offer the FCC seal of approval,” he said. Continue Reading

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