Monday, June 20, 2022

Service Outage in Arizona Results in Death of Man Unable to Summon Help

Damage to equipment owned by Frontier Communications left residents in remote Apache and Navajo Counties without cell or internet service for approximately 48 hours. As reports, a man in need of medical assistance died on the way to the hospital after onlookers were unable to use their cell phones to call for help. By the time Good Samaritans were able to flag down an ambulance, the responders were too late to save the individual's life. Authorities added that a young child who accidentally impaled herself with a curtain rod was also stranded without emergency care, but that incident did not result in a fatality.

St. Johns Police Chief Lance Spivey spoke negatively about Frontier, saying that this sort of crisis is not unusual. "My hope is that Frontier leaves the area, goes out of business," he said. "They have jeopardized public safety. If this was to happen in the Valley, it'd be different because there's so many more people that live down there there'd be outrage and all kinds of stuff. But we're small and rural so we get stuck with a company that really doesn't care. They put dollars above names, above people." Continue Reading

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