Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Wireless Franchises Unite and Litigate Against Sprint/T-Mobile Merger

In April of 2020, T-Mobile merged with Sprint for $26 billion. At the time, some industry analysts voiced concerns about the deal undermining competition as well as its potential harmful impact on smaller dealers and vendors. Since then, some wireless providers who worked with the two companies before the transaction, have banded together to litigate against the now consolidated T-Mobile, calling for remuneration from the deal’s impact on their respective companies.

Called Wireless Franchisees for Justice, the group was created to call attention to “the troubling treatment of T-Mobile’s dealers following the merger that was approved under false pretenses.” The group says the impact of T-Mobile’s actions “spans across the country and led to massive job losses and had devastating impacts on small and medium-sized businesses.” Its stated goal is to “right some of the wrongs and reverse the predatory and anti-competitive business practices of T-Mobile.”

All together, the total damages sought are roughly $500 - $600 million. The group, with litigation spanning 20 states, cites a total of 382 stores closed and 2,578 jobs lost. Continue Reading

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