Thursday, July 25, 2013

Radiation Levels Acceptable In Poolesville, Maryland

The radiation levels from a tower in Poolesville, Maryland have been under much discussion regarding the levels of radiation being emitted from the cell phone tower. However, a study was commissioned by the town and conducted by Radiofrequency Safety International Inc. of Kiowa, Kansas. The study found that the radio-frequency energy that is put out by the cell tower is well below the required limits.

Radio-frequency energy is just another name for radio waves, which is used in radio, TV, cell phones, cordless phones, and satellite communications. While there is much debate over the harm that can be caused by radio-frequency energy, the Connecticut Department of Public Health and Environmental and OccupationalHealth Assessment explains that, “the RF radiation that is emitted from cell phone tower antennas is far too low to cause health risks.”

The radio-frequency levels in Poolesville, Maryland were 0.2 percent of the level that is permitted by the FCC. While the members of the Poolesville may have been concerned about the tower, the study confirms that the levels are safe and well within regulatory standards. 

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