Friday, July 26, 2013

St. Peters Rejects 90-foot Cell Phone Tower Near Childcare Center

Residents raised concerns about plans to erect a 90-foot cell phone tower near a childcare facility in St. Peters, Missouri. The members of the St. Peters community were concerned about the impact from the electromagnetic field from the tower on the health of the children in the facility as well as the elderly.

Kalen Ponche wrote for the St. Peters Patch that, “Eric Martin, a representative for St. Charles Tower, said the tower is needed to fill in gaps in coverage for AT&T. He said this location was chosen because the tower will blend into the tree line in the area. The tower will be painted brown to look like a tree and will have faux branches designed to camouflage the antennas.”

There are no definitive studies linking negative health impacts to the electromagnetic fields from the tower and the 1996 FCC Act prevents local governments from denying cell towers because of health concerns. St. Charles Tower may come back to this city again with a proposal for another cell tower to be built in order to increase cell coverage.

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