Thursday, September 19, 2013

Boulder Creek Residents Don’t Approve of Disguised Cell Phone Tower

In an attempt to appease residents in many towns companies began proposing to disguise cell phone towers as everyday objects like trees, flag poles, crosses, or clock towers. However, this tactic doesn’t always please the members of the community. This is true of the members of Boulder Creek, California who are opposed to the 50-foot cell phone tower that Verizon has proposed to build downtown.

“They say [the tower] is going to blend into the trees. These monopines are bluish in their needle color, so when they are placed right in front of [real] trees they’re actually going stand out more because they’re going to appear a different color,” says resident Rachel Wooster. (Source:

There will be a hearing on September 20th to determine whether or not Verizon can construct their tower in the planned site. If the County Zoning Administrator approves the tower at this meeting then residents will still be able to appeal the decision to the Planning Commissions, and then to the County Board of Supervisors who have the final say in the matter.

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