Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tower Upgrade is to Blame for Dropped Calls in Minnesota

If you’re having calls drop right and left in the Minneapolis area, Sprint says it’s due to upgrades on a cell tower. Sprint customer, Everett Contois, has had hundreds of dropped calls over the past month. While poor cell reception is always frustrating, it can have negative effects on your day-to-day life if it’s your only line of communication. Many Americans are getting rid of their landlines and using their cell phones exclusively.

Sprint spokesperson Stephanie Vinge Walsh says the company is launching a new wireless network called Network Vision and the upgrades to the tower is what’s causing the problem with cell reception. "Ultimately we expect to see a vastly improved network. As we deploy this all new 3G and 4G network, there are some disruptions taking place. We understand it's frustrating for our customers, we thank them for their patience," said Vinge Walsh. (Source:

Even though Sprint is working to fix this problem, many of their customers are frustrated that they are unable to make phone calls whether professional or personal. Residents have even contacted the Minnesota Attorney General regarding this problem. The Minnesota Attorney General is looking into the complaints and encourages customers to file a complaint here:  or with the FCC:

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