Thursday, September 19, 2013

Harris Communications Introduce New FCC Approved Cell Phone Repeaters

A few weeks ago Harris Communications announced they were coming out with a line of cell phone repeaters that would boost cell phone service and yesterday they shared that their new device had been approved by the FCC. These cell phone repeaters are designed to increase cell phone service where traditional towers can’t reach and signals are low, such as concrete buildings or parking garages.

No matter where a business is located, even when parts of a spread out campus are a bit too far from cellular towers, the enhancements that Harris Communications can provide ensures that users will always get a strong signal and be able to connect with whomever they wish to communicate with,” Harris Communications explained.

Because so many people have switched from landlines to wireless devices, it’s imperative that businesses and workers have clear connections in order to communicate effectively.  A cellular repeater helps deliver clean, sharp wireless phone service to all employees to help keep business communications running smoothly. 

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