Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cell Tower Critic Spits in Face Of Selectman Who Supports Tower

Tensions can run high during cell phone tower debates. Some residents start anti-cell tower groups, some threaten to leave the community, and one woman spits in the face of the town selectman. A 53-year old Maine woman, Cindy Brown, was charged with spitting in the face of the selectman because she was upset over the proposal of a telecommunications tower.

Brown was issued a summons for assault on Saturday, August 31st, for allegedly spitting in the face of Paul Frederic approved a building application for the tower. While the Selectman and the Planning Board believe that this cell phone tower will benefit the town by providing improved cell phone reception, Brown and her husband are adamantly opposed to the construction of the tower, which would be 700 feet from their home. 

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