Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wisconsin Stealth Tower Alarms Nearby Residents

A proposal to construct a cell tower disguised as a lighthouse or a clock tower has members of the Egg Harbor Village community concerned. AT&T’s 130-foot stealth tower would be erected in a parking lot adjacent to the Bertschinger Community Center, which houses village officials, a Door County Library branch, and the post office.

AT&T has offered the village a minimum of $800 per months in rental fees for the tower site and the tower would hold an antenna to provide coverage to the AT&T cell customers in the area. Other cell service providers will also be able to rent space on structure to improve their network coverage. Members of the community are torn between wanting better cell phone reception and the aesthetics of the tower. AT&T is going to provide additional details regarding the tower at the September 24th Plan Commission meeting. 

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