Monday, September 16, 2013

Verizon Cell Service Has Been Restored in Most of Colorado Flood-Ravaged Areas

When cell sites became inaccessible due to the flooding and washed out roadways in Colorado, Verizon Wireless worked overtime to restore cell phone service. They have placed a temporary cell site on wheels (COW) in Lyons, Colorado until the permanent cell sites can be repaired.

Verizon crews used a helicopter to reach flood damaged facilities in Estes Park to fully restore service by Saturday evening.  Microwave transmission facilities were installed to carry voice and data traffic from area cell sites to the company's switching center, bypassing miles of damaged fiber lines,” according to Verizon’s press release.

Verizon Wireless service status by community as of Sunday morning:

  • Estes Park – Equipment and crews airlifted in; full service restored
  • Lyons – Temporary cell site activated; full service restoral pending
  • Boulder – Two sites previously lost commercial power; full service restored
  • Longmont -- No cell sites out of service
  • Greeley and Fort Collins – No cell sites out of service
  • Thayne, WY – Full service restored

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