Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wireless Infrastructure Investment Will Boost Economic Activity & Create Jobs

Today, PCIA—The Wireless Infrastructure Association released a study conducted by the Information Age Economics projected private investment in wireless infrastructure over the next five days will generate as much as $1.2 trillion in economic growth and create 1.2 million new jobs. The wireless industry is growing every day, especially since the deployment of the 4G LTE networks.

In a press release, the PCIA explained that, “the report evaluates the economic and job-creation impacts generated by projected wireless infrastructure investments between $34 billion to $36 billion per year over the next five years. These investments will yield several other benefits:
  • Between $863 billion and $1.2 trillion in cumulative economic development over the next five years, a 606 percent increase over the total amount the wireless industry will invest.
  • A 2.2 percent increase in GDP by 2017.
  • A direct impact of $85 billion to $87 billion of economic growth per year over the next five years, for up to a 0.5 percent improvement to GDP per year.
  • The creation of over 28,000 jobs in 2017 and over 122,000 jobs in the next 5 years in the wireless infrastructure industry alone.”
Even though many people are hesitant to see the wireless industry grow for fear of more towers and change within the community, it’s necessary for our economic growth. “The simple truth is that a 2.2 percent increase in GDP and 1.2 million new jobs will not come about by magic,” said PCIA President & Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Adelstein. “They will only occur if, as a nation, we recognize the fundamental importance of having a robust, ubiquitous, and affordable wireless broadband network that meets the demands of the 21st Century economy.  This is as true for local zoning board members as it is for FCC Commissioners.”

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