Thursday, August 29, 2013

AT&T Loses Fight to Rancho Rio City Council

Even though AT&T put up a good fight with the city council of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, last night the council voted 4-3 to decline AT&T’s appeal to build a cell phone tower in Sabana Heights Park. The tower was going to be disguised as a 65-foot clock tower near a neighborhood playground.

AT&T tried to be flexible and work with the nearby residents. They suggested making the tower shorter and less wide but they said they couldn’t change the location. "We were trying to accommodate the residents' concerns about the size and it interrupting their views and we want to take that into consideration, but we really do have to have a tower somewhere," AT&T spokeswoman Karen Kruse said. (Source:

AT&T considered other locations but they either weren’t possible to construct on or they wouldn’t provide enough new cell phone coverage to the area. 

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