Thursday, August 22, 2013

Maine Planning Board Approves Cell Tower So Construction Can Begin Immediately

On Wednesday evening, the Starks planning board met and approved the application for a Massachusetts company to construct a cell phone tower on Abijah Hill Road. The planning board reached a unanimous decision to approve the tower, which means construction can begin right away. The construction is estimated to take 10 weeks and then residents will have increased cell phone coverage through AT&T.

Some residents believed the cell tower could be a threat to the environment or historical sites; however, after looking into these concerns the planning board realized that the tower posed no threat to either.

The tower will occupy a 100 x 100 foot compound and stand 195 feet tall, according to the application. AT&T will also be able to provide better service coverage with a three to five mile radius of the tower and it’s possible that up to five additional wireless carriers will house equipment on the tower.

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