Thursday, August 22, 2013

AT&T Requests to Build a Cell Tower That is Against City’s Regulations

The City of Salem, Oregon limits how tall a communications tower can be as well as how close it can be built in relation to a residential zone. However, recently AT&T asked the city to approve a 69-foot cell tower that would be 55 feet to the closest residence.

The town usually restricts cell towers to a height of 35 feet and they must be at least 300 feet from property zoned for houses or businesses. These regulations were established in 1997; although, since 2006 there have been three variances to the code that have been approved. Taller cell towers, and towers closer to people, have been placed on Lancaster, on Commercial and on Liberty Streets.

The city staff of Salem recommended that in order for this tower to be approved, it should be disguised as an evergreen tree. None of the residents of the Salem community opposed this plan right away, but the Northeast Neighbors Association asked the process be continued so they could discuss this proposal at their monthly meeting. In the upcoming weeks, Scott Fewel, the hearings officer for the city of Salem, will make the final decision regarding the tall tower. 

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