Thursday, August 22, 2013

New York Residents Oppose Cell Tower Approval

On July 3rd the Town of Livingston Planning Board approved the proposal for a cell tower to be constructed on top of Blue Hill. However, this location has upset two non-profit organizations: the Olana Partnership and Scenic Hudson. The Olana Partnership supports the conservation, preservation, development and improvement of the Olana State Historic Site. Scenic Hudson, an environmental group, works to protect and restore the Hudson River.

These two groups believe that the tower will comprise views from the historic site. Members of these groups are working to determine another possible location for the tower so they can still have increased communications for the emergency responders without detracting from the Olana State Historic Site.

There are already two communications towers on top of Blue Hill; however, these towers are slimmer than the new one would be and they cause minimal visual impact. The proposed tower would be wider and able to hold many antennas. These two non-profit groups have taken filed a legal suit against the Town of Livingston Planning Board in response to the board’s approval of the cell tower. 

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