Tuesday, August 27, 2013

North Carolina Employs Tracking Technology To Keep Students Safe

When you send your child off to school, it can be nerve-wracking especially those first few weeks when school is back in session. In school districts across North Carolina, a new wireless technology is being used to provide real time information about the school buses: their location, their speed, and whether or not they stop at railroad crossings.

This technology, powered by Synovia, uses Cellular Vehicle Tacking, which is when a tracking method uses the cellular network infrastructure to determine the location of the transmitter. Synovia partners with wireless companies to provide this service to schools, law enforcement, and even commercial companies.

This wireless technology is giving parents the peace of mind that their children have arrived safely to and from school. North Carolina school districts are using Synovia technology on Verizon's network to provide safe and efficient student transportation this school year.

"Parents entrust us each day with the safety of their children, and this solution aids in our ability to manage a fleet of 300 school buses on a daily basis with advanced monitoring capabilities," said Scott Denton, transportation director for Durham Public Schools. "I now feel as if I'm riding alongside each of our drivers— morning and afternoon."

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